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Unwanted visitors

Unwanted visitors - Brenda Leasure

After more than one and a half days of travelling I finally made it home. Boy, was I glad to feel my tired poor body sink into my memory foam mattress. Once I entered the house, I removed my shoes, dropped my suitcase and backpack right next to the door and headed straight to my bedroom. Jumping from one airplane to another and the two long layovers in the airports got me exhausted.

All I wanted was to close my eyes and have a few long hours of sleep without being disturbed by anyone or anything. I’m not a young girl anymore and each year that passed by I realized that my body and my mind were having a hard time working in sync. I never considered myself an old woman, although the wrinkles and lines upon my face would say otherwise.

Ten minutes after I laid down in my bad, I had a failed attempt of removing my clothes. Once I saw that I did not have the energy to move my legs, I simply pulled the bed cover on top of me and went to sleep fully dressed, like a drunken teenager who partied until dawn.

Before the airplane landed I was telling myself that a light dinner and an a salt bath would definitely help me feel better. A few hours later I was fast asleep without having any of the above. As a matter of fact, I slept like a log until my alarm went off in the morning.

When I woke up I realized that during the night I hadn’t move one inch. I slept throughout the night without moving at all. My entire body was aching and for some reason I noted that I had some red tiny dots on my left arm.

I turned on the TV in the kitchen and made myself a coffee. While I was waiting for the coffee to brew, and the news were saying something about some Dental services Boisbriand, I had a better look at my left hand. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Those red tiny dots were must have been bug bites. I checked my other arm quickly and my feet. I had them everywhere on my body. The thought of having bedbugs made me skip a heartbeat. The following second, I remembered that I went to sleep with my clothes on, giving a free ride to the bugs to my bed. What an idiot!

The strangest thing was that I did not feel the itchiness until that very moment when I freaked out at the thought of trying to get rid of them. I inspected my luggage thoroughly, washed and dried at the highest temperature all my clothes, along with the bedsheets that I had slept on. And I prayed that I did not infest my house. So far so good. I didn’t see or found anything. 


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