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The Road Trip

The Road Trip - Brenda Leasure

Sarah and her friends decided to go on a road trip for the summer vacations following their final exams. Sarah knew driving and she was the best driver among all of her friends. They decided to take a road trip to Calgary, which was almost a five-hours drive from their home town. 

They started off their journey at 5 AM in the morning. They were all set for the enjoyment that was waiting ahead for them the entire day. They packed up their edibles and the four friends set out to the journey. They had a lot of plans in Calgary. So, they set out on the decided time. 

After two hours of the journey passed, Sarah felt something was wrong in the car. She could hear noises which were coming out near right tire. The noise stopped after sometime. However, Sarah anticipated that there might be some problem with the vehicle's tire, so she asked all of her friends to wear their seat belts, which is one of the best vehicle restraint system for travelers. 

Sarah was very much cautious regarding driving. She slowed down the car as a precautionary measure. After a few minutes, the car stumbled. All of the girls got frightened. Sarah already knew of the problem so she applied brakes at once and stopped the car on the road side. The tire was completely damaged. 

Fortunately, Sarah had an extra tire in her car. So, she took it out and all of the girls started working on the replacement. They changed the tyre in about 15 minutes and the car was ready to continue the journey ahead. 

Sarah still kept the speed of the car a bit slower as they did not want any mishap to ruin their road trip. They switched on the music and enjoyed the trip. They stopped by the road side where the sight was beautiful; took a lot of photos, chatted, laughed and enjoyed every bit of the trip. 

The crux of this little story is that you should be really careful regarding the use of vehicle restraint systems which are actually installed for your own safety. If you do not use them properly, you might face some serious risks while driving. The motor vehicle restraint systems have been completely created for you and your safety. Therefore, you have to use them effectively for your protection when it comes to driving.


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