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The phone

The phone - Brenda Leasure

Two decades ago if one would have missed a phone call from his banker or private mortgage lender, it would not have been a big deal. Back then the cellphones were not as popular as now and not every single person on the street had one. Nowadays, even a seven years old kid has a cell phone. And not a simple phone, a smartphone.

Everyone has a cell phone and they all are insisting on saying that it is vital to have it. I may agree with that statement when it comes to the working class, to the grown-ups. But when it comes to kids, I am totally against it.

I personally don’t understand why a kid needs a phone. Or to be more concise, why do parents provide their off springs with such an expensive gadget? What could be so dangerous in a life of that kid, that he needs a have a cell phone with him? The school has a phone. The teacher has his own cell phone. Where is the need for another one? 

Imagine that within a classroom of twenty two kids, almost nineteen of them have their own phone. Besides the fact that the parents chose deliberately to irradiate their children, they also get them more hooked on these gadgets, instead of offering them outdoor activities or spending some quality time with them. Some of the parents are not even making use of the parent control features at their disposal. They neglect to restrict the things their child could do on the gadget and later on they wonder why he is having nightmares or why is he receiving messages on Facebook from strangers.

You can call me old fashioned or an old bag if you’d like, I don’t really care. I don’t think that it is appropriate for a kid to have a smartphone, or a phone at all. Not too mention that I can’t get why on Earth a parent would ever agree to let his child ( a minor) have a Facebook account? 

While creating the account, it is specified that the owner of the account has to be over eighteen years old! 

Don’t they read the newspapers? Aren’t they aware that by allowing that, they expose their children to all sorts of unwanted dangers? What are they thinking? Or do they think at all? How can they act this way? Don’t they get it that their offspring get can snatched and it would be on them?


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