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A perfect Sunday

A perfect Sunday - Brenda Leasure

This past Sunday I had an incredible time. In the morning I went out for a walk with my two boys. It was not cold at all. We loved being outside, without being annoyed by the biting cold, wind or falling snow. It was a perfect spring day, if I could say that. Couple of degrees above zero in the thermometer, sun and melting snow.

We had lunch out, followed by a desert at our corner bakery shop/ cafe where we had some amazing French pancakes with ice cream and chocolate filling. Needless to say that the boys were delighted. They had two French pancakes and asked for one to go, since they were full.

When we got home we were surprised to see that there was a big black pickup truck parked on our drive way. It had a logo on the doors: “ Outdoor curtains longueuil ”. I had no idea who was driving that car, or why it was parked there. All I knew it was not supposed to be on my driveway. We were not expecting anyone.

While I was unstrapping the kids from their car seats, my neighbour came to the car. He explained he was responsible for the black pick-up truck. He added that he was planning to change his patio set and he had someone over, taking the measurements. He continued saying that there was no space for him to park in front of his house and on the street they were cleaning the snow. That’s why he used my parking space. He reassured me that it won’t be there for long, maximum half an hour more.

I did not mind. I told him it was fine with me. Once we went back inside of the house, we had another surprise. My husband was waiting for the boys with a new movie. He had bought “Trolls” for them. The little ones got so excited when he showed them the CD. Obviously they asked to have their nap a bit later, after the movie.

As much as I wanted them to rest, I had to grant their wish. Plus they did not get to spend time with their dad too often, as his schedule was always very busy. Also, having them in front of the TV, allowed me to have a bit of time for myself. I had to take advantage of the moment, since it was not happening too often. Thus, I took my kindle and went straight to my bed to read my novel in silence.


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