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In pain … again

In pain … again - Brenda Leasure

Today I attended my first Free fitness class. Unfortunately I was not able to stay until the end of the class as my heart started to bother me. Although I did not push myself too hard, after fifteen minutes I had to stop. I could not continue anymore. The fact that I felt again that squeezing and burning sensation on the left side of my chest got me worried. 

I stopped right away. While I was sitting on a bench, trying to catch my breath, I remembered the last conversation I had with the cardiologist I saw a few months back. He recommended me to exercise moderately and to stop any attempt of physical effort when I would feel tired or running out of breath. 

As far as I knew my Pericarditis should have been cured by now. Why on Earth was I still feeling the same pain as before? I tried not to think too much about it in order to avoid an anxiety attack. After a few more minutes of breathing slowly, I decided to wrap it up and go home. I managed to grab my things and headed towards the car. 

When I got home my husband was surprised to see me home so early. As soon as he was my car entering the driveway he came outside. He probably got worried, thinking I was not feeling well. He was not too far from the truth. 

As I was walking towards the main entrance, I tried to stand up straight but I couldn’t. The pain on my left side of the chest had come back and it was nearly impossible for me not to place my right hand under my left armpit, in a failed attempt of comforting my heart.

Seeing me walking this way, he hurried to hold me and offer me his arm for support. Once I came in, I went straight to the sofa and laid down. Hubby went to kitchen and returned with the leftover anti-inflammatory pills the cardiologist had prescribed to me. 

I opened the tube and I saw there were six pills left. I took one in my hand and swallowed it as soon as hubby gave me a glass of water. Two hours left, I felt a bit better as the intensity of the pain had gone down. 

I took another appointment with my family doctor for tomorrow. I am hoping he won’t give any other bad news.


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