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A new patio for a new home

A new patio for a new home - Brenda Leasure

My husband and I finally found the perfect place to call our home. We are in a gorgeous suburb of Montreal and the house is just wonderful. It has so much character and is huge too, which means we have plenty of space for the kids and the place itself has more than enough potential for us to put our own stamp on it.

The first step in making it ours is to get a new patio installed. Our old place wasn’t the best, but it did have a gorgeous backyard and a patio that was shielded by one of the best awnings in Montreal. If there was one thing that I could have brought with me for the move it would have been that patio. Alas, that wasn’t possible, so we have instead decided to start building our own.

The first step for us was to look at all of the local companies that make and install awnings in Montreal. My favourite part about the old patio was the awning so I want to make sure that our new one replicates that as far as possible. What I’ve found is that it is very easy to get recommendations for builders from your friends, but when it comes to looking for awnings in Montreal the word of mouth suddenly dries up and it becomes a whole lot more difficult to find a company that can do the job solely through recommendations alone.

So we took the phone book to create a list of companies that we could potentially speak to. We don’t have internet installed on the property just yet so once I had the list I had to wander down to the library to do a little research after I had called all of these awning Montreal companies to find out what they could offer us.

We now have a few of them arranged to come over to the house and provide a quote during the couple of weeks and I’m pretty confident that my research has marked out a few good ones. Hopefully, we will find the company for us and be able to get on with the main building work, as we don’t want to start until we have all of the pieces ready to put into place. Our lives are finally coming together and I couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds.


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