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The new downtown office

The new downtown office - Brenda Leasure

After six years of working in a basement office, I finally got to live and see the day when the office moved into a skyscraper. When I look at the view from my new office, I can’t help smiling. Oh, yes! There’s a big big smile upon my face. I can’t say it was worth staying in the “cellar” for so long, but what I can tell you, is that the view from my desk is incredible. 

As I have a corner office I can see the Saint-Laurent and the downtown area. I wasn’t the one who assigned the offices. It was Jan. She was the one in charge of the move. Even herself stated that the view was amazing. Actually, everyone who stepped into the room, mentioned it. 

I think the only time I had seen such a view was during one of the Xmas parties organized by Jan. She’s the person you need to see for everything. From having more office supplies to booking a Corporate event room rental Montreal

Jan has been with the company for almost the same time as I did. We were both hired within the same year, a few months apart. She came in November, while I had started in June. We got along quite well from day one. Her outgoing personality and her beautiful smile, are hard to resist. This woman would make even a bishop talk. 

On many occasions I had to rely on her for providing support to all the higher management. She never let me down. I have nothing but admiration and respect for her and her work. I was really happy to see that she got promoted last year. She deserved it more than anyone else. She has sacrificed a lot of her personal time in order to make things work as they should. 

I don’t know much about her personal life, except for the fact that she has been through a tough divorce and she decided to never get marry again. We have been out for drinks with other colleagues, on a few occasions, but we mostly talked business. 

I haven’t seen any other manager working as hard as she did. That’s why I was really upset to see that she was the only manager without a closed office, or a private area. Her desk was right next to the cafeteria, back to back with the accounting new girls. I did not think that it was fair. I sent a note to the higher management and asked them to grant her a decent office. Meanwhile I invited her to share mine.


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