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A new client

A new client - Brenda Leasure

While I was running around looking for a access control system installation company, guess who did I run into? One of my former colleagues from McGill. She was with her husband, who I happened to know. Her newly hubby was my daughter’s family doctor. I had no idea they knew each other. It’s a small world we all live in! 

I was quite surprised to see her after so many years. As far as I knew she was working as a manager for an artist, a hip-hop guy, can’t remember his name. A few years back, I used to have her on my FB list of friends, but after I closed my account I lost contact with her. One of our colleagues told me that she was touring in the states with her artist. Other than that, I did not hear anything about her for a long period of time.

The last time we actually met face to face was at the graduation party. After that, we all went on separate ways. Back then, she was having dark short hair, whereas now, she was a long haired blondie. Quite a change! It fit her well. On my opinion she was way more beautiful as a blond. Plus with the long hair, she had lost that boyish look. She was more feminine, more elegant, refined. No wonder the doctor fell for her. They made such a nice couple! 

I greeted them both and had a short chat with them. They mentioned they had just bought a house and they were searching for some artworks to decorate it. Obviously that I couldn’t help myself and I showed them some photos of my latest works. I added that it was a hobby that helped me cope with my pain. 

As soon as I mentioned my sickness, the doctor asked me for a business card, a website or a link to my paintings. He said he liked my paintings and he wished to help me sell some. He confessed that him and three of his friends were planning to open a small clinic and they would need some art wall at one point and he would like to buy them from me. He also said that he wished to have one for his house. He handed me his business card and asked me to give him a call the following week.


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