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The Neighbours Love the New Drive

The Neighbours Love the New Drive - Brenda Leasure

I swear that over the last couple of weeks I've become something of a walking advert for asphalt contractors Edmonton. At least that's what it feels like since we had the drive done. Practically every single one of my neighbours has felt the need to comment on how much of an improvement it has been and I've given the number of the asphalt company out to a few people as well. I daresay that they will be seeing something of an influx of business over the next few weeks if everybody who has asked for the number actually ends up calling them.

That's not to say that they don’t deserve it of course. Our drive was an absolute mess before they came and fixed it up. It had some concrete slabs that were quite loosely placed together and the cracks were becoming something of a hazard. In fact the decision to get the drive repaved with a layer of asphalt came about because I twisted my ankle getting out of the car about a month back. My husband didn’t seem too keen on the idea of having to carry me everywhere that I go so we made the decision to get the drive done instead.

The workmen were so professional too. They came along to give us a quote and measured the drive for us. This meant they could give us a solid idea of just how much asphalt would be needed to complete the job, which in turn meant that they could give us a solid quote pretty much there and then. No going back and forwards or heading back to the office to figure it out. Just simple and to the point. It made it completely obvious that they knew their stuff and made me even more confident when it came to hiring them.

In the end we didn’t even shop around all that much. Outside of checking a few companies out online I think both my husband and I had made the decision to go with this company practically from the moment that they arrived at the front door. That decision was justified when they actually did the job too. They were quick, courteous and professional during the entire time. At the end of the day they cleared up the mess they had made and took the old slabs away to dispose of, which was one less job for us. Frankly I couldn't be happier.


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