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My Cool Tablet

My Cool Tablet - Brenda Leasure

Let’s get this straight from the start. I’m not like most people I know, whose phone is always attached or right there at hand.  I do not think that I’m so important that everyone is either going to call me all day or text me.  I also do not think I need to call people or text people all day.  My car is not equipped with a hands-free Bluetooth feature, and I’m not sure I would hook my phone up even if it did.  I do not have a job where I have to be on the phone all of the time, nor do I have to report to parents, children, or my spouse.

My phone is usually in the little outside pocket of my purse or back pack, or charging on the kitchen counter.  Sometimes, I remember to bring it and have it sitting nearby on my desk.  I do not answer my phone while driving or while I tutor my clients. 

Most of my friends, relatives, and “contacts” know this about me.  They also know that I will check my voice mail and my texts pretty regularly and get back to them.  They know that I do not let my phone “die,” but I may forget to turn off the mute feature.  All in all, I’m kind of a dud when it comes to my phone.

A few months ago, I had to get a new phone.  Because I do not have a Montreal SEO Company or its tablet, I wanted to stick with a Droid.  And, because I have to wear bifocals now, I wanted something at least as large as my last phone.  Enter the phablet – part phone, part tablet.  It’s the coolest thing!  It is larger than most phones, but smaller than most tablets. Most people would not like it because it doesn’t easily fit into a pocket. Either way, it is so cool.

My new phone is very, very powerful and I have no clue about most of its abilities.  I have taken full advantage of the built-in S-pen, though.  I can write notes and it keeps them for me.  I can jot down things on the calendar app, and it shows up as readable print.  Another thing I love about my phablet is the case – it’s built on as the back of the phone and has a cover that opens like a book.  There’s a window on the cover through which I can read essential information – who’s calling, the time, the temperature, whatever I choose.

The touch screen is amazing—between this and the s-pen, texting is a breeze and I can easily surf the web, “check in,” and read my Flipboard.  I haven’t taken full advantage of all the features in the camera and its apps, but I can take the coolest pictures when I do.  I have downloaded some helpful apps, but I have not used a lot of the features – I feel like I might need a class to learn everything.

In the meantime, I love my phone, but it still spends most of its day NOT attached to my hand or ear.  


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