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A Mother's View

A Mother's View - Brenda Leasure

My daughter's getting married in four months' time. I know it seems a long time, but time passes fast and we still have much to do. She and her fiancé who use to work as Plumber Toronto decided they will have small albeit conventional wedding. It means there won't be a bunch of guests aside only the closest of relatives and friends. Still all other things will be very classic in style.

She wants to redo my wedding dress. I am very happy for that, and I know it can be great and modern dress with a little work. We even found a dressmaker specialized in this job, and she likes her ideas. So, this part of the story is almost done. But, we still have so many things to do, since my daughter wants to organize the wedding herself. I am her first assistant, along with her future bridesmaid.

First we checked all wedding magazines we could find. There were so many good ideas about particular details, but also some general tips about organizing a wedding. I found it very useful, especially those about going to a bridal show for more information.

There you can find everything in one place, which is very handy if you are organizing a wedding by yourself. You do not need to wander around, looking for someone to do your invitations and thank-you cards, someone else to create gifts for guests, someone to make a wedding cake, someone to arrange flowers; and everything else.

I also searched on the internet, and I found a list of things you need to do and how long before a wedding these items must be made. I printed it, and I use it whenever we need to work on wedding organization. So far, everything is going according to plan.

Right now I am checking my daughter´s guest list to make sure she did not forget someone. I also must contact everybody for a preliminary deal and check will they shall sleep over. Then we must find accommodation for those that will sleep over. There is much work, but the main work is still ahead of us.

This weekend we are going to a bridal show in a nearby city. I know we will see and find many interesting things there, and I hope we will solve most of the unanswered questions there. And I believe we will have a fabulous time together. I am looking forward to this weekend.     


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