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First sale

First sale - Brenda Leasure

Yes! Today I sold my first painting on Saatchi, the online art gallery where I displayed my acrylic paintings. It is only recently that I have decided to put my artwork for sale. So far, it was only a hobby that allowed me to get back my peace of mind after a crazy day at the office. I have done paintings for most of my friends. They used to joke around saying that they commissioned me for some custom made paintings. I never took any money from them. I did the canvases because I enjoyed painting, not that I would expect anything in return. 

Each time I did a new painting for my friends, I talked to them, asked what they would like, what were their favorite colors, etc. I wished to know what they had envisioned for the masterpiece I was supposed to deliver. Some went in detail about their wishes, while others left everything to me, saying :”Surprise me!”

A few months back, one of my friends for whom I have done a few paintings, suggested that I should start consider selling my artwork, either online, or within an art gallery. The very same friend recommended me Saatchi website, asking me to register with them, open an account and continue uploading my paintings. 

When I did it, I was not too convinced that I would actually sell anything. I did not believe that people would ever buy my art. Well, it happened! I had a sale! I have no words to explain how soothing this feeling is. It really boosted up my self-confidence as an artist, if I can say that. I started to think it is not impossible and take it more seriously. 

No worries, I am not quitting my main day job to live as an artist. Not yet! In case, I start selling a lot more, than I would give it another thought. Until then, my goal is to get better at painting. Get better paint, learn how different new techniques, use various materials in order to create an original unique mixed media wall art.

I was on my way towards the medical aesthetic center Rosemere, when I received an email from Saatchi saying that a buyer was interested in purchasing my “Mismatched”. I thought it was a prank, but when I double checked it, it was real. All I had to do was to agree and prepare the item for shipping.


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