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Enough of suffering

Enough of suffering - Brenda Leasure

For the past two days I was not able to do much. I did not go to work and I did not turn on my computer. To be honest, I did not even bother to look for my cellphone, check emails or see if anyone had called. I did not give a damn. The pain in my arms and hands prevented me from doing anything.

Thus, I just stayed home in bed, trying to keep my body warm and cope with the pain. Needless to say that the medication prescribed by my physician did not help in any way. During my last check-up visit, I asked him to increase the dosage, explaining that it wasn’t doing anything, but he refused.

On both of my arms, the wrists are swollen and painful to touch. I can see almost half of the blood veins passing through my hand. They are so enlarged and their blueish colour is so visible. It makes me think of a horror movie I saw years back.

I tried wearing some wool gloves on my arms to keep them warm. The heat gives a bit of relief, though not for long. I put some wool gloves on and wore them for a few hours but it turned out to be a bad idea. My hands were getting sweaty and the wool was not allowing moisture to pass through the fabric. Therefore the sweat was trapped and getting my hands cold. Plus I could not do anything while wearing them. I could not read, hold a cup of tea or grab anything small.

I forced myself to keep them on until I got annoyed and threw them out in the laundry basket.

Seeing that my pain won’t go away, I took a hot hot bath. That enabled me to relax for about half an hour when the pain returned. I was too tired to take another bath, so I tried to ignore the pain and sleep.

Thank God my husbandd was home and cooked for me. Otherwise I would have had to prepare the meals as well. I would not have done it. I would have just thrown a pizza in the oven and ate nothing else the entire day. He was the one who reminded me that I had a varicose vein treatment Rosemerein the afternoon. I asked him to reschedule it because I was in no condition of going anywhere.


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