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The big news

The big news - Brenda Leasure

The last thing I needed to hear while my head was exploding, were my husband and my son arguing about who was going to go pick up theSail awning terrace longueuil. Today my migraine reached its peak. It hurt so bad that I had to cancel the rest of my appointments and come home. I took my medication but it did not help in any way. 

As I was trying to fall asleep and ignore as much as I could my migraine, I was hearing my boys having an argument. I was almost asleep when all of the sudden I heard a door being slammed, followed by voices. Since I had no energy left to leave the bed and say something to them, I covered my head with the other pillow hoping that it would muffle the sounds and I could go back to sleep.

As their conversation was still going on after a few minutes, I stretched my right arm and looked for my earplugs in my nightstand upper drawer. As far as I knew, that’s where I had place them last. Unfortunately they were not there and the noise coming from downstairs was becoming more intolerable. 

With my last strength, I dragged myself to the bedroom door, opened it and shouted at them to stop their querel. I must have shouted really loud because both of them stopped instantly. A few moments later, I heard their footsteps going towards the kitchen and closing the door behind them.

I returned to bed and literally crashed on it without being able to move up or down. I could not even pull a pillow to put it under my head. All I did was to cover myself and my head with the comforter, to be warm. 

A few hours later I woke up and looked at the closed curtains at my window. There was some light coming in. It was coming from the street pole. My room was pitch dark. I stood up and left the bed heading towards the light. I pulled the curtains aside and had more light coming in. 

I walked towards my dresser and picked up my phone. I had sixteen missed calls. All of them from my sister.

I looked at the clock and saw it was passed midnight. I checked the time she last called me. It was ten minutes ago. Assuming she was still up, I called her to see what was burning. As soon as she picked up she shouted at me for not taking her calls. Then she shared the big news: she was pregnant!


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