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Between work and family

Between work and family - Brenda Leasure

Last evening I passed by my mother’s house. Each week, on Friday, I go see her and I spend a few hours with her. Before I get there, I stop over at either Maxi or IGA and I do her groceries. She stopped driving one year ago, and I decided to give her a hand with the groceries.

She send me the list with the things I need to buy for her on Skype or by email, whatever works for her, I go buy and deliver them. I wish I had more time to spend with her but with a house full of kids, it’s hard. I barely find the time for myself. My only relaxation time is when I take my detox bath. Even then, one of the kids would come in and ask for something.

I am not complaining. Being a mom and working full-time is challenging, some of the tasks don’t go always hand in hand. More on the contrary, I would say. Balancing work and family is tough. It needs skills and lots of patience. 

Since I can’t rely on any of the grandparents for any type of help with kids, everything falls on my shoulders. My husband is always on the run, from day one. I can’t count on him either, because he always has something to do. Either find a truck rental mississauga or in Toronto, I don’t know what. There’s always something.

My mother in law has Alzheimer's. My father in law passed away, same as my dad. And my mom, broke her hip two years ago. She had the hip replacement surgery done, but the recovery is slow. I can’t ask her, in her condition to help. She had mentioned on several occasions that she would not mind taking care of the little ones, that she could babysit them at least for a few hours, but I never agreed. 

If I learnt one thing from being the mother of four kids, is that everything is possible. Especially with my kids. I worry that mom would get injured because of them and then it would be even harder for me. Thus I prefer not to let them bother her and send them to daycare. 

That allows me to have a few good hours to work on my projects. It’s hard to work from home when they are around. Day care is the perfect solution for everyone.


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