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Back in the workshop

Back in the workshop - Brenda Leasure

This Valentine I received as a gift from my husband a day at the spa, which included a Facial beauty treatment, a relaxation massage and obviously the cozy robe, terry wrap along with the water bottle and the Eco bag.

Since I am not much of a fan of facials, I actually passed on the gift card to my daughter. She loves to spend time getting pampered at the spa. For me relaxation means a glass of red wine and a quiet afternoon in my little workshop.

Even with my annoying arthritis I can’t stay away from my paintings. I need the colors to feel alive. I miss the smell of a freshly poured paint mixed with medium or thinner. I miss getting my hands all dirty in rainbow colors and using different stencils to create a mixed media painting.

After my Carpal Tunnel surgery I could not hold a brush for months. I was not able to paint for almost half a year.

Now that I got a bit more strength on my arms and hands, I have to get back to my hobby. Each time I entered my workshop, I felt like a child waiting to have his lollipop at the end of the meal. I looked around and told myself to be patient. Trust me, it was not easy.

Once I was given the green light by my physician to go back to my regular activities and hobbies, I was anxious to start painting again. I think I have done around six painting within the first week. My husband was worried that I was over exerting my wrists and I would have to redo the surgery.

I had to agree with him. The whole thought of going back through that painful experience convinced me to take it easy. I took advantage of this time off to learn more about some new techniques I would like to improve.

This morning I received my little parcel with art supplies that I purchased on EBay almost two weeks ago. When I opened it, I had a pleasant surprise. Aside from the products I had ordered, the seller included a small lot of plastic stencils along with a “Thank you for your business” note. I will definitely return to his online shop and recommend him to my friends. I guess he had me at free stuff. Hahaha! Come on, who does not enjoy getting stuff for free?


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