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The Argument

The Argument - Brenda Leasure

Sometimes I have to wonder why my husband doesn’t just agree with everything I say rather than trying to argue with me every time a contentious issue comes up. Surely by now he must realise that he is always going to lose and I am going to get my way, regardless of whatever he says!

The latest source of disagreement between the two of us is my desire to start looking for contractors to come and sort out our driveway, which has most definitely seen better days. My husband contends that the drive is perfectly fine for its purpose and still does the job, thus needing no replacement. However, the thing is starting to become something of an eyesore and I worry about the little cracks developing a little further and becoming trip hazards.

So we went back and forth for a while, though I already knew I was going to win. In fact, I was so confident that I had already jotted down the numbers of a few paving contractors Edmonton before we had even started discussing things, as I figured we’d end up calling them anyway.

Still, it’s all over now and my husband has finally agreed to start looking into hiring a paving contractors to look at the drive. I think I finally won him over with my argument that the kids could end up hurting themselves if they took a spill on the many cracks that have started to develop in our existing paving, plus I know he is a bit of a stickler for the garden so the weeds that have started poking their heads through would surely be annoying him too.

So, it is settled and we're going to start contacting a few contractors soon. The one thing he has asked for is that we do a little bit more research into the companies that I've already noted down. We just want to make sure we don’t end up speaking to scam artists who won’t do the job properly. I think that’s fair enough so we have already scheduled in a night where we can go online and see what info we can find about each one before we call them up.

I love getting new things for the house so I’m more than a little excited that we are going to be getting the work done!


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